Dr. Boulter has received all of his education and much of his training through University-based programs.  He graduated from the University of Maine with a BS in Zoology, graduating with Highest Distinction. He then attended the University of Florida, graduating from its College of Dentistry.  He is an alumnus of the University of Florida’s Comprehensive Dentistry Program the University of Florida’s Mini-Residency in Facial Pain, the University of Florida’s Continuum in Esthetic Dentistry,  Gnathos South Orthodontic Study Club.

The level of commitment and emphasis that Dr. Boulter puts into his education and training can be seen through his many scholastic honors, which include the Kerstein Scholarship, National Dean’s List, membership in Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, and Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Societies, and Doyle Seminarian, in which he was named best overall student, clinician and academian , and provided the most scientific and greatest contribution to his group.  He has also achieved the Fellowship Award and the Mastership Award in the Academy of General Dentistry (Only about 1% of the dentist achieve Mastership status in the Academy of General Dentistry). In September 2008, Dr. Boulter was recognized as a Fellow of The International Congress of Oral Implantologists, a Master in April 2010 and was awarded Diplomate in August 2011.

            Dr. Boulter is also very involved in his field of work, as he is a founding member of the Beaches Implant Study Club, the Jacksonville Facial Pain Group, the University of  North Florida Pre-Professional Committee, and the University of North Florida College of Arts & Science Committee.  He is also a member of the Ganthos South Orthodontic Study Club, Dentists to Teach Preventative Dentistry to Rural Children, and Dentists to Teach Preventative Dentistry to Elementary Children.  Additionally, while a student at the University of Florida’s College of Dentistry he organized and was a member of an Oral Surgery Team to Haiti.  Dr. Boulter has completed NobelBiocare’s Mini-residency in Implant Dentistry.

            Dr. Boulter has given many presentations and lectures in his field of work, including presentations on Endodontic determination of the remaining amount of gutta-percha needed to provide an adequate apical seal on teeth to be treated with a post and core, Patient Diagnosis of Craniofacial Pain, TM-Joint Dysfunction and Treatment, Treatment of an Advanced Restorative Case (at the University of Florida), Ortho-esthetics (also at the University of Florida).  He has also presented at University of Florida’s Comprehensive Dentistry Program and the University of Florida’s Continuum in Esthetic Dentistry, both of which he is an alumnus,  State Farm Insurance Company, and Jacksonville Dental Hygienist  Society.  He has written manuals on Diagnosis And Treatment Of Facial Pain Disorders, Esthetic Evaluation,  and Dental Implant Esthetic Evaluation.

           In 2002,  he was inducted into the prestigious International Academy of Dental Facial Aesthetics. Dr. Boulter was named “One Of The Best Dentists In America 2005”, the first year this honor was given to dentists.   To be considered one had to be first nominated,  then voted on by other dentist throughout the country. Dr. Boulter has continued to receive this honor yearly since 2005.

           In 2008, Dr. Boulter founded the North Florida Implant Continuum. The mission of the continuum is to build relationships among practitioners to explore and share the latest concepts in the field of dental implants.  www.northfloridaimplantcontinuum.com